Burn less gas. Upgrade your Prius to a plug-in.

Plug In Supply Battery Bank

Battery Module Shown

Plug In Supply Installed Battery Bank

2 KW Battery In Car

All over the world people are upgrading Prius cars to plug-in hybrids using the Plug In Supply Modular Plug In Battery™ System. You can upgrade other hybrid cars too.

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Can your hybrid do this? You can double or triple your gas mileage and even drive without burning any gas!

Prius Gen 3 Display

Dashboard display of a Gen 3 Toyota Prius with a Plug In Supply 4 KW plug-in system.

Prius Gen 2 Displays

Dashboard displays of Gen 2 Toyota Priuses with Plug In Supply 10 KW plug-in systems.

Safe. High quality. High performance. Easy to assemble. Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to move to another car. The Plug In Supply Modular Plug In System does it all.

What customers are saying

"March 18, 2014
I am a happy customer. Yesterday I took full discharge and I was able to drive 43 km, out of town, speed up to 80 km/h , only in ev. It was great. Thank you"

— Mircea L. Bucharest, Romania 7KW in Gen 3 Prius

"March 12, 2014
Past week we drove several trips of 90km. Our average was 3l/100km over 450km (79mpg over 280miles). Driving to work and back results in a 2,1l/100km = 112mpg!. Great!"

— Peter V. Nieuw-Amsterdam, The Netherlands 10KW in Gen 3 Prius

"Feb 26 2014
My 7KW Gen 2 system is working great. It has about 1000 miles on it on pure electric. Fun to drive."

— Phil G. Manheim, PA 7KW in Gen 2 Prius

"January 31, 2014
I thought you would be interested in an update now that it has been about a year since installation of my Prius 10K system. All local driving has been in EV mode. I can get 32 miles distance from one charge …the heavy duty springs .. has improved the car's handling significantly."

— David G. Trinidad, California 10KW in Gen 2 Prius

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Prius Plug in with 6 KW Plug In Supply system.

Solar powered Prius using a Plug In Supply system.


  • Systems are made using high quality, high performance, long-lasting components.
  • All systems allow access to the spare tire.
  • Public charging station (fast charge) compatibility is available (J1772, etc.).
  • Our Modular Battery SystemTM is easily moved from car to car, without a hoist, eliminating the worry of payback on your investment.
  • All systems are available as Do It Yourself (DIY) or Ready To Install (RTI).

With a Plug In Supply lithium iron phosphate add-on battery pack you get true plug-in performance at a fraction of the price of a new plug-in car and with much greater range — up to 7 times the electric range.

  • New modular battery design gains immediate acceptance
    Our new modular battery pack design is what everyone wants. The new modular battery design provides access to the spare tire, the pack can be installed by hand without a hoist, and you can move packs easily from car to car. The modular design makes it easy and safe to work on a high voltage battery. Each module has its own plastic box, fuse, and quick connectors to quickly isolate it from the rest of the pack and the car. You can add more batteries any time.
  • Modular Battery Packs with cylindrical or prismatic cells
    We now offer Modular Battery Packs built using cylindrical or prismatic cells. This allows us to offer many sizes of packs for all kinds of applications. For example, you can buy or build the following packs for the Prius: 2 KW, 4 KW, 5 KW, 7 KW, 10 KW, and 15 KW. These are available as DIY and RTI.
  • Save big with our DIY system
    Build your own battery pack and save! See all DIY info »
  • Plug In Supply BMS
    We designed the best lithium battery management system (BMS), which thrives in the harsh conditions inside a large battery pack. It's only available in Plug-In Supply products.
  • Installation instructions available
    You can now view the pack assembly and system installation instructions to help you decide if you are capable of building your own battery pack — our Do It Yourself (DIY) option — and installing our system in your car. View the instructions »
  • Order direct from Plug-In Supply
    We sell direct to consumers. Contact us to order »