Do It Yourself (DIY) and Save Big!

DIY Packages

Plug-In Supply gives you the option of building and installing your own PHEV system. This is the most affordable way to convert your hybrid car into a plug-in hybrid with fantastic gas mileage.

See our price list for prices by car.

DIY Warranty

When your DIY PHEV conversion is complete you will have the same 3 year warranty that the factory-built packs have.


Review the instructions on our new DIY website:

Get Help With the Install

You can get assistance from Plug-In Supply at any point in the installation process. If you change your mind we can complete the installation for you.

Keep Driving While You Install

Your car stays drivable during the PHEV conversion. Each section is a separate operation that can be completed independently of the other parts of the PHEV conversion.


We designed our PHEV conversion to minimize your exposure to high voltage electricity. Be sure you learn High Voltage Safety procedures before you start.

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