Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What vehicles can be converted?
    The vehicles that can be converted are 2004 and newer Prius cars.
  • How does it work?
    The add-on battery keeps the factory battery charged so the car will use the electric drive when it can. When the add-on pack is empty, the plug-in system turns off and the car operates like an unmodified car.
  • Where is the battery pack installed?
    The add-on battery pack is in the cargo area, usually below the cargo deck, on top of the spare tire.
  • Will the conversion void my warranty?
    According to Federal Law the answer is No. Adding an "aftermarket" part to your car will not void the factory warranty. The law is called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Do a web search to learn more. However, if you ask Toyota or Ford, the answer is Yes, you will void the warranty. They obviously don't care about violating US Federal Law. Most car manufacturers say adding any parts to their cars voids the warranty. Anything. This includes any aftermarket part like big tires on a pickup truck or a custom stereo or a sunroof or a plug-in hybrid conversion. The truth is, the car dealers almost never enforce the factory policy, not because they don't want to violate Federal Law but because they sell parts and they are afraid of losing customers. All day long the dealer's service shop is full of warranty repair jobs paid for by the factory. It's how they make their money. Only a misguided dealer is going to refuse a warranty repair on a plug-in conversion-equipped car. Times are tough and they need all the business they can get. If you do find an obstinate dealer who won't work on your car, go to another dealer. In the worst case scenario you may have to disable or remove your plug-in conversion system so the dealer can work on your car. We make it easy to disable or remove your system. Savvy dealers call us asking how to disable the system to work on a customer's car so you can get your warranty repair work done.
  • Which system is best for me?
    It depends on how far you want to go on a charge. All systems have the same features. The bigger the pack the farther you go on a charge. The Prius typically uses 200 watts per mile so each kilowatt of energy will push the car 5 miles.
  • Can I add more batteries at a later date?
    Yes. You can add more batteries at any time for more range. You can also move the pack from car to car.
  • Can I still get to the spare tire?
    Yes. The Plug-In Supply design allows access to the spare tire. The spare tire is under the battery pack. Simply unplug the wires and lift the battery modules out of the way.
  • How do I recharge the battery pack?
    Plug the car into any 120 VAC or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz outlet.
  • Can I use public charging stations?
    Yes. We can supply J1772 receptacles so you can charge at public charging stations.
  • How long does the battery pack take to recharge?
    It takes 1 hour per kWh when using 120 VAC and 30 minutes per kWh when charging with 240 V.