Plug-In Conversion Systems

Plug In Supply conversion systems can be purchased as Do It Yourself and Ready to Install kits or they can be professionally installed.

For Prius Gen 2, Prius Gen 3 (2004 and newer) and Lexus CT200h

Product DIY1
Do It Yourself
4 KW $6,435 $2,000
7 KW $7,995 $2,000
10 KWp $8,995 $2,000

10 KWp is made with prismatic cells
All other packs are made with cylindrical cells

For Prius Plug-in (2012 and newer), Prius C, Auris, Yaris

Product DIY1
Do It Yourself
3.3 KW $5,975 $2,000
6.2 KW $7,375 $2,000
Product Level Descriptions
  • Do It Yourself (DIY): You assemble the battery pack.
  • Installation: The battery pack is fully assembled, tested, balanced, charged, and installed in your car.
  • Installation is optional and can be done anywhere. Travel expenses may apply. Contact us for more information.

Products are also available without cells, without a charger, or without a BMS. Contact us for more information.

DIY Parts for Plug-In Conversion Systems

You can buy the individual parts for a plug-in conversion.

  • Front Controller
  • Rear Controller
  • Contactor Assembly
  • Battery Box
  • BMS Cell Boards
  • High Voltage Tie-In Cable
  • Charger