A customer shows off his solar powered Plug In Prius

Green Drive Expo MPG Challenge Results

Green Drive Expo MPG Challenge: Fuel economy over a 34-mile course, held October 9, 2010 in Richmond, CA.

7kW 2006 Prius

" Back in the last quarter of 2013 I bought a 7KW system for my 2006 Prius. It has been working wonderfully since then and I would be more than willing to talk to prospective customers for you. Thank you."
—Phil G., Manheim PA., June 10th, 2014

A customer answers questions

"I have a Prius 3 (P3) (Registered March 2010) with the plug-in Suply (PS) system rebuilt with 10 kW. I have reported here: www.priusfreunde.de -> Forum -> Plug-in Conversion of Plug-In Supply with 10 kWh.
Now to your questions:

Which system do you have installed?
10 kW with 76 pcs cells of Winston bought in Germany:
The Battery Management System (BMS), I have installed the PlugIn Suply.

Why did you choose for the kit of plug-Suply?
The other systems such as Engineer working with low battery voltage and need therefore to generate a DC-DC converter to the voltage of approximately 250 volts. The big disadvantage is that the currents then limited to max. 20-30 amps are. If I use my P3 electrically approximately 100 km / h drive, the electric motor draws about 65-75 amps, so that the original battery becomes exhausted quickly and the gasoline engine must start. The PS, since it operates without a converter, replacement delivery well over 100 amps, so that the original battery is always "full" remains.

What has been your experience ?
I can highly recommend the PS system after almost a year and about 15,000 km. So far it works very reliably . I am very satisfied.

Do you use it for long distances ?
Yes , I am often more than 100 km and several times more than 500 km. After about 100 - 120 km , the additional battery is empty and the BMS prevents deep discharge which would damage the battery.

What is the average consumption before and after the changeover ?
Previously at 4.8 l/100km . Currently about 1.6 l/100km and 1.9 l/100km in the wintertime if I stay among the 100 km to the next charging. Since the upgrade I have an average fuel consumption over the 15,000 km of 2.9 l/100km . This depends on the driven long-distance more than 100 km.

Have TÜV limit the car to a 4- seater for weight restriction?
The TÜV has seats that can not be limited , but the load to max. 225 km restricted (see enclosed TÜV certificate ) . I have an extra rear suspension installed, which has not increased the total weight , since it for the Compressive no opinion was (seehttp://www.mad-tooling.com/en/suspension-systems/products/auxiliary-springs / or http://www.mad-vertrieb-shop.de/niveaufedern2/toyota/prius/index.html ) . I even notice not the extra weight of 140 kg in the drivability .

Was the standard pannel not sufficient for TUV or is the height of the battery pack to large ?
TÜV wanted that I install an additional Makrolon plate on the system, since the side contact is at the battery packets on the contacts and also as additional support during an impact, so that the batteries do not fly through the car.

I can recommend the system highly and would buy it again. The biggest difficulty for me was to bring the system by the German customs because of the American power plugs."

—Johann B, May 29th, 2014

Thanks for all your help

"Good Morning Robb. Just a note to say thanks for all you help. I am happy now that everything seems to be working as expected. I am enjoying the 5Kw package, and really appreciate the experience of having assembled and installed your kit."
—T.B., Barbados, April 9, 2014

A 60.8 mile trip a charge with 0.2 left in the tank.

"Some people play video games. I play MPG games. Just got 60.8 miles on a charge with 0.2 left in the "tank". Air temp. 40F. Total elevation change: 500 ft drop, start to finish. No wind. This is what happens sometimes, when I can't sleep."
—Keith, April 7, 2014

A 51-mile trip at 213 MPG with charge remaining.

"My 51 mile round trip consisted of freeway (55-60 MPH), country highway (55 MPH), and town (25-30 MPH) driving. The Prius averaged 213 MPG and hasn't depleted the 10KW charge as of yet. Great product. Too bad for the oil companies!"
— David G., March 2, 2013 | 2007 Gen 2 Toyota Prius, Plug-In Supply 10KW Cylindrical Cell System

It works perfectly. It is amazing.

"My wife drives to AND from work every day as well as drives workers to lunch and uses no gas at all. Our system can go 35 miles at up to 52 MPH with no gas. If we go farther we can use super hybrid mode and go 100+ miles at 100+ MPG. It works perfectly. It is amazing. It even works in the Phoenix heat. When you use solar like I do it runs for free."
— Jim S.

The best way to own and drive an electric vehicle today.

"I am extremely pleased with the 10 KW conversion system! It provides me with sufficient range (~40 miles) that I can tackle my 10 mile commute to work and back, plus extra mileage for running errands, in EV-only mode with ease (includes hills, headlights, radio blaring). The fact that it is minimally intrusive with regards to integrating with the existing Toyota computer and circuitry is a huge plus, as the car behaves like a normal Prius if the system is turned off. The modularity of the conversion kit is reflective of thoughtful, reliable engineering.

"I now have a minimally-modified production Toyota vehicle with all of the great engineering that went into the Prius but with the added bonus that I don't need to burn gasoline to use it. For all practical purposes, I am now driving a real-life electric vehicle with air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, regenerative braking, a great trip computer, etc., all of which would have required significant effort to integrate if I were to have done a full gas-engine EV conversion myself.

"I am very pleased with the system. I think that it is the best way for the average person to own and drive an electric vehicle today, as it is both affordable and practical."

— Darryl A.

The largest battery of any Prius conversion.

"This kit is the only solution available at a reasonable price that provides substantial EV range (at speeds up to 72 MPH). The 10 KW kit has the largest battery of any Prius conversion."
David K.

2,500 miles on a tank of gas.

"Our client got 2,500 miles on his last tank of gas. Over that time, we've been having temps between 10° and 30° F. The system is working really well. Thanks again for all your help and support. We keep telling folks about your product."
— Garrett F., Minnesota

My consumption has not dropped below 99.9 MPG.

"You have one satisfied owner of your 100 MPG Prius modification. I have seen over 1,200 miles on a full tank. I gassed up on November 28th and it's now December 26th with still more than half a tank showing. This is normal driving for me. Sometimes only five to 10 miles per day and sometimes in excess of 40. Since filling up, my consumption has not dropped below 99.9 MPG, all at normal highway speed. I am very satisfied. Thank you for placing an excellent product within my price range."
— Pat D., Florida