Test Results


Below are the results of the California Air Resources Board Urban and Highway test protocol performed on a 2009 Prius with our 10 KW PHEV system by an accredited, independent automotive test lab. These tests were performed in May 2011.

The system achieved:

  • 270 MPG (miles per gallon) during the charge-depleting Urban test
  • 568 MPG during the charge-depleting Highway test

With an empty PHEV battery, our system increased the gas mileage of the Prius from 50 MPG to 62–65 MPG.

On both tests the system exceeded the allowable NMOG emission standard. However, we have changed our software to correct this deficiency and will retest during the summer of 2012. Customers receive free software updates.

Final Report on Testing Performed for the XPrize Foundation on a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) by Global-E

Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc.

June 21, 2011

Project Overview

This testing was conducted on behalf of The XPrize Foundation in conjunction with their conduct of the Progressive Insurance Automotive XPrize. ATDS was contracted by The XPrize Foundation to conduct emissions and fuel economy testing for various teams entered into the Progressive Insurance Automotive XPrize competition. The testing consisted of the California Air Resources Board’s Urban and Highway test protocol for MY2012 and later Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) per Section F of CALIFORNIA EXHAUST EMISSION STANDARDS AND TEST PROCEDURES FOR 2009 AND SUBSEQUENT MODEL ZERO-EMISSION VEHICLES AND HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLES, IN THE PASSENGER CAR, LIGHT-DUTY TRUCK AND MEDIUM-DUTY VEHICLE CLASSES, Adopted: December 17, 2008 and as Amended: December 2, 2009. Work commenced on 5/4/2011 and was completed on 5/11/2011. There were no unusual conditions noted on the 2009 Toyota Prius during testing.

Vehicle Information

The following vehicle(s) were used as test vehicles for this project:

ATDS Vehicle ID: 1686-01
VIN JTDKB20U897825323
Vehicle Make Toyota
Vehicle Model Prius
Model Year 2009
Test Group 9TYXV01.5HC3
Evap Family 9TYXR0030A42
Odometer 54400

Test Device Information

The following device(s) were installed on the above vehicle(s):

Global-E G1 Plug-In Hybrid Power Train
Device Maker Plug-In Supply
Device Model G1
Device Serial No. na

Test Sequence and Chronology

The following test sequence and chronology were used in this program.

  • 5/04/2011   Vehicle received from Global-E. Vehicle checked for readiness to test and safety. Conducted prep for FTP-75 per 40CFR86 and "California Evaporative Emissions Standards and Test Procedures for 2001 and Subsequent Model Motor Vehicles." Placed vehicle in soak for canister load and Plug-in battery recharge.
  • 5/05/2011   Conducted Urban Cold Start Charge Depleting Test sequence. Conducted Eight (8) UDDS sequences. Gasoline engine started for the first time about 3.5 miles into the second (2nd) UDDS for an All Electric Range (AER) of 10.9 miles. Vehicle entered Charge Sustaining Mode at about 3.5 miles into the Seventh (7th) UDDS. Conducted the final UDDS in Charge Sustaining Mode. A Total of 59.6223 miles driven. Placed vehicle back into soak. Staffing issues prevented the completion of the Charge Sustaining Test until Monday, 5/9/2011.
  • 5/09/2011   Conducted Urban Cold Start Charge Sustaining Test sequence. Drove Two (2) UDDS, vehicle was in Charge Sustaining Mode for the entire test sequence. 14.8674 miles driven. Placed vehicle onto recharge.
  • 5/10/2011   Charge complete. 11.45 AC KW-hr used (154.1 w-hr per mile).
  • 5/10/2011   Conducted HWY Cold Start Charge Depleting Test sequence. Drove Eight (8) Highway drive cycles using Blended Mode. 81.0146 miles driven. Vehicle entered Charge Sustaining Mode at 61.11 miles. Placed vehicle back into soak
  • 5/11/2011   Conducted HWY Cold Start Charge Sustaining Test sequence. Drove Three (3) Highway drive cycles using Charge Sustaining Mode. 20.5150 miles driven in warm-up phase and 10.2600 miles in the Final Highway Emissions Test phased. Due to prior commitments for vehicle, recharge not conducted and vehicle released.

Test Results

Test Parameters:

ATDS Test ID: Test Type Test Date: ETW: lbs A track/set B track/set C track/set
ONT22308 — 22316 Charge Depleting UDDS 5/052011 3,250 19.92 / 13.37 0.1391 / 0.0020 0.01637 / 0.01624
ONT22339 Charge Sustaining UDDS 5/06/2011 Same Same Same Same
ONT22355 — 22356 Charge Depleting HWY 5/10/2011 Same Same Same Same
ONT22362 Charge Sustaining HWY 5/11/2011 Same Same Same Same

The following UDDS (Urban) test results were recorded for this vehicle:

NMOG (1) CO NOx CO2 Miles MPG
Test Results Charge Depleting — Cold (g/ph) 0.5833 0.4981 0.0216 59.88 14.8693  
  Charge Depleting — Hot (g/ph) 3.2502 4.0589 0.1878 1788.69 44.7530  
  Wtd Average (g/mile) (2) 0.058 0.1 0.00 24.51   269.67
  Charge Sustaining (g/mi) 0.005 0.0 0.01 136.16 14.8674 61.91
Standards LEV II SULEV @150K 0.010 1.0 0.02      

Notes: (1) Calculated from NMHC by following formulae: NMOG = 1.04 * NMHC
(2) Calculated per: 0.43 * (Gc/Dc) + 0.57 * (Gh/Dh)
(3) Worst Case of Charge Depleting Wtd Average and Charge Sustaining

HWY Results:

NMOG (1) CO NOx CO2 Miles MPG
Test Results              
  Charge Depleting (g/phase) 0.1772 0.4756 0.4686 5598.71 82.0146 567.99
  Charge Sustaining (g/mi) 0.0001 0.0 0.02 129.42 30.7750 65.31
Standards LEV II SULEV @150K     0.04      
PASS/FAIL       PASS      

Notes: (1) Calculated from NMHC by following formulae: NMOG = 1.04 * NMHC

The vehicle drove well on all test cycles.

All tests were conducted in strict accordance with the provisions of 40 CFR 86 and/or California Title 13 and have been reviewed by ATDS' in-house Quality Auditor. Detailed test results are in the Appendix attached to this report.